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When a tree emergency strikes, whether it’s the aftermath of a powerful storm, a fallen tree blocking your driveway, or a hazardous situation that requires immediate attention, you need a reliable partner to turn to. That’s where our Minneapolis Emergency Tree Services come into play.

Why Choose Our Emergency Tree Services in Minneapolis?

Rapid Response: Our team understands the urgency of tree emergencies. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond swiftly to your call. Our 24/7 emergency hotline ensures that you can reach us at any time, day or night, when you need us the most.

Safety is paramount in emergency situations. Our certified arborists are trained to assess and manage dangerous tree situations. We follow strict safety protocols, minimizing risks to your property and loved ones.

When you contact us for emergency tree services, you can trust that you’re in the hands of professionals. Our arborists have the knowledge and experience to handle various emergency scenarios, from tree removal to storm damage cleanup.

Our Emergency Tree Services in Minneapolis

Storm Damage Cleanup:

After a severe storm, fallen trees and debris can pose significant hazards. We’ll promptly assess the situation, remove the fallen trees, and clear the debris, ensuring your property is safe and accessible once more.

Tree Removal:

When a damaged or precarious tree threatens your safety or property, our experts will safely and efficiently remove it. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle tree removals of all sizes.


In some cases, a quick pruning job can mitigate the immediate danger posed by a damaged tree. Our arborists will assess the tree’s condition and perform the necessary pruning to make it safe.

24/7 Available:

Emergencies don’t wait for business hours, and neither do we. Our round-the-clock means that you can reach us when you need us, whether it’s the middle of the night or a weekend.

In Minneapolis, MN, emergencies involving trees can arise unexpectedly due to severe weather, disease, or other unforeseen circumstances. When you’re facing a tree-related crisis, it’s crucial to have a reliable emergency tree service company on call. To help you in such situations, here are the top 5 emergency tree service companies in Minneapolis, MN, known for their prompt response and expert assistance during tree-related emergencies.

1. Minneapolis Emergency Tree Service

Minneapolis Emergency Tree Service is your go-to company when you need immediate assistance with tree-related emergencies. Whether it’s a fallen tree blocking your driveway or a hazardous limb threatening your property, their experienced team responds promptly to assess and resolve the situation, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Why Choose Minneapolis Emergency Tree Service:
– Rapid response to tree emergencies
– Professional and safety-focused approach

2. 24/7 Tree Removal Minneapolis

As the name suggests, 24/7 Tree Removal Minneapolis offers round-the-clock emergency tree services. Their dedicated team is ready to tackle any tree-related emergency at any time. They specialize in storm damage cleanup, fallen tree removal, and immediate hazard mitigation.

Why Choose 24/7 Tree Removal Minneapolis:
– 24/7 emergency tree services
– Storm damage cleanup expertise

3. Emergency Tree Pros

Emergency Tree Pros provides swift and efficient tree removal and emergency services in Minneapolis. Their certified arborists and skilled technicians are equipped to handle hazardous tree situations, including fallen trees, damaged limbs, and emergency tree removal. They prioritize safety and property protection.

Why Choose Emergency Tree Pros:
– Certified arborists for expert guidance
– Focus on safety and property protection

4. Minneapolis Storm Damage Tree Service

Minneapolis Storm Damage Tree Service specializes in addressing tree emergencies caused by severe weather. They understand the urgency of storm-related tree damage and offer 24/7 assistance to clear debris, remove fallen trees, and mitigate hazards. Their efficient response helps you regain normalcy after a storm.

Why Choose Minneapolis Storm Damage Tree Service:
– Storm damage expertise
– 24/7 storm-related emergency services

5. Tree Emergency Response Minneapolis

Tree Emergency Response Minneapolis is dedicated to providing rapid and effective solutions for tree-related emergencies. They offer services such as emergency tree removal, storm damage cleanup, and hazard assessment. Their team is committed to ensuring your property’s safety and minimizing further damage.

Why Choose Tree Emergency Response Minneapolis:
– Rapid and effective emergency tree services
– Focus on property safety


When a tree-related emergency strikes in Minneapolis, MN, these top 5 emergency tree service companies are your trusted partners. Their prompt response, expertise, and commitment to safety make them the go-to options to address fallen trees, storm damage, or other tree-related crises. Keep their contact information handy to ensure a swift and professional response in times of need